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The Basics of Septic System Installation

Our septic partners at Don’s Septic and Fill handle all types of septic tank installation, whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand new home or office, or need to replace an older system that has seen better days. This is not a time to cut corners. When a system is properly designed and installed correctly, it can last for generations, but when someone without the right training tries to handle a septic tank installation, it can literally fail within days. Our septic partner technicians are highly-trained professionals who can guide you through all the possible choices, plus make sure the project goes off without a hitch.

There are two main components to consider when overseeing a septic tank installation: the tank and the drain field. There isn’t necessarily a wrong or a right here, but as with any type of construction project, you’ll be able to choose materials and designs based on what works best in your region, quality, and costs.

Choosing a Tank

The first consideration when choosing a tank is size. They typically start out at 300 gallons and go all the way up to 5,000. A single person living alone is probably ok with a 300-gallon tank. Families with three people tend to need around 1,000 gallons, but this will also vary based on the family’s habits and how often guests are present. Naturally, large families, as well as commercial and industrial spaces, will need larger tanks. An experienced technician can help you decide what size is best for your needs.

There are various materials to choose from, including concrete, steel, fiberglass, and plastic. Your local codes will determine what’s allowable by law. Your habits, the soil, and the water may also preclude some of the options. Most discussions these days come down to concrete vs. fiberglass.

Choosing a Drain Field

The tank will disperse effluent, which is water that is still dirty, but is safe enough to be returned to the earth, where the bacteria in the soil finish the job of cleaning it. Most systems use a leach field or a drain field, which consists of several pipes in a pit or trench, surrounded by gravel and sand. This allows the water to be evenly dispersed, so it can be absorbed better.

Local Building Codes

There are laws set at every level, from country, to state, county, and city. The regulations will dictate what materials you can use, how deep the system must be installed, how far away from the home it must be, and much more. Failure to comply with all the regulations can leave you with heavy fines, as well as the expense of tearing out or repairing your system. Always work with an expert who knows the area and the laws.

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